Whether it’s a concept drawn on a napkin or a fully documented design package,

We can help turn your idea into hardware!

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micro-Heat Engineering is an Albuquerque-based machine shop, located in the Jefferson corridor, with a cumulative total of over 40 years of experience in engineering design, machining, automation, electronics, and thermal control.

micro-Heat Engineering has a full machine shop!

Our machine shop includes CNC milling and 3-D printing for quick prototyping.

In addition, micro-Heat has a very capable electronics assembly and testing lab to add that spark of light and motion to your projects.

Most important of all, if we are not the best option for doing your work, we know who can! We have worked with a number of shops around Albuquerque and across the country to get equipment built.

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We specialize in small production jobs at an affordable price!

  • With a Haas TM1 mill, we can provide high quality parts with short lead time.
  • Our lathe and welding capabilities come in handy too.
  • We have both filament and stereolithography printing capabilities to quickly make “proof of concept parts.”
  • Silicone molding, metal forming, and laser welding capabilities are also available for your prototyping and production needs.
  • Plastics, metals, woods and foams – we can shape them to fit your needs.
Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque micro-Heat Engineering
Automation Machine Shop Albuquerque micro-Heat Engineering


Why let your products sit still when you can add motion?

With pneumatics, steppers, solenoids or servos, we can add “crush” to your can crusher or put gentle breezes in your humidifier. micro-Heat Engineering can control this motion using a computer or embedded processor.

Why let the toast simply pop up in the toaster when you can have it delivered to your plate? Let us automate this process for you.


Consider micro-Heat Engineering for custom data acquisition and control projects.

We can design the circuits, have the boards fabricated and populated, and then test them to make sure that they do what you want.

For rapid fabrication of printed circuit boards, micro-Heat Engineering uses ExpressPCB. Boards can be produced and shipped within 3 days for quick evaluation. We can populate the boards in-house or enlist the services of local suppliers for larger runs of your products.

Electronics Machine Shop Albuquerque micro-Heat Engineering
Thermal Control Machine Shop Albuquerque micro-Heat Engineering


We specialize in keeping your products at the right temperature!

We build heaters and temperature controllers to keep things moving through your plumbing networks.

Don’t let cold spots precipitate problems or hot spots get you steamed when we can help provide an even temperature solution.


micro-Heat Engineering can help turn your ideas into real physical products!

We can help you formulate the idea, wrap it in an elegant package for customers, and then put it in a nice box for shipping to their door.

micro-Heat Engineering operates in a SolidWorks environment, so we can directly import your files or produce the model files for you.

Whether it is making that first prototype, or finding that large-scale manufacturer, micro-Heat Engineering can help the process move in the right direction.

Engineering Design Machine Shop Albuquerque micro-Heat Engineering

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