micro-Heat combines engineering and fabrication capabilities to build your prototype and production products.

We have a full prototyping shop for building your ideas!

Located in sunny Albuquerque, NM, micro-Heat Engineering provides a cumulative total of over 30 years of experience in engineering design, machining, automation, electronics, and thermal control.

Our team specializes in small production jobs at an affordable price. We can help you formulate the idea, wrap it in an elegant package for customers, and then put it in a nice box for shipping to their door.

micro-Heat Engineering - prototype machine shop in Albuquerque

Offering design and fabrication services to satisfy the full gamut of your prototyping needs.

From mechanical assembly drawings to electronic prototypes, we are here to turn product ideas into functioning hardware.

Our machine shop includes CNC milling and turning capabilities that are perfect for prototyping and small production runs.

micro-Heat also offers 3-D printing for quick prototyping and fixturing for machining and casting operations.

In addition, micro-Heat has laser cutting and engraving capabilities for producing both practical and artistic parts in metals, woods and plastics.

We also offer a number of welding capabilities such as laser welding for delicate operations to wire and TIG welding for more rugged services.

Are you ready to find out how micro-Heat can help transform your idea from design to prototype to production?