Our machine shop includes CNC machining capabilities that are perfect for prototyping and small production runs.


CNC machining is the first step of turning your prototype ideas into physical hardware.

From car parts to artistic carvings, micro-Heat Engineering can turn your sketches into the tool paths required for production.


With our shop capabilities, we can provide high-quality milled parts with short lead time.

HAAS TM-1 Mill Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

HAAS TM-1 Mill

The TM-1 is the perfect machine for prototyping and short run operations in our shop.

  • With a 10-station tool changer, multiple operations are performed with a single setup.
  • The 42” x 10” table provide ample room to mount multiple vises and platforms for milling operations and the open bed makes setup easy.
TORMACH Slant 15L Lathe Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

TORMACH Slant 15L Lathe

The Slant 15L is designed for versatility.

  • Turret tooling combined with linear toolbar allows the lathe to easily move from turning to boring operations.
  • The lathe is equipped with an auto collet and stock feeder for small production runs.

Are you ready to find out how micro-Heat can help transform your idea from design to prototype to production?