micro-Heat offers laser welding for delicate operations, with resistance spot, wire and TIG welding for more rugged services.


Laser welding delivers precise energy into a small area to join parts. With a controlled pulse rate allows overlapping welds for added strength.

Spot or resistance welding can join a variety of parts from delicate thin wires to 14-gauge steel enclosures.


A variety of welders are available at micro-Heat for joining everything from delicate instruments to rugged automotive materials.

Laser Welding Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

Neutec /USA PulsePoint LW200 Laser Welder

This laser welder is typically used in jewelry production, but it’s also great for custom tube fittings, marking parts, and assembling delicate components.

Spot Welding Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

Unitek Spot Welders 250 Watt-Seconds

This unit delivers 250 watt-seconds of energy and that’s enough to construct an enclosure out of 16-gauge stainless steel. Thanks to the dual power range, however, the Unitek spot welder can attach even the most delicate thermocouples.

  • Precise power control for thermocouple welding and attachment.
  • Battery assembly and EM shield production in steel, nickel and stainless.
Spot Welding Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

SunStone CD300DP Spot Welder

At 300 watt-seconds of energy, this unit can weld heavier gauge steel. Multiple weld heads are available in our shop to cover a variety of prototyping tasks.

  • Suitable for welding thicker gauge metals.

  • Construction of enclosures and larger battery assemblies.
Wire and TIG Welder Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Wire and TIG Welder

Favorite welder for prototype fabrication.

  • MIG, flux-cored, AC/DC TIG, and stick all in the same machine.
  • Welds aluminum, steel and stainless steel.
  • Weld 24 ga.–⅜” in steel and 18 ga.–⅜” in aluminum.
Wire and TIG Welder Machining Machine Shop Albuquerque

Esab Migmaster 280 Pro Wire and TIG Welder

Great welder for fabricating frames and tables.

  • Long enough duty cycle that you get tired before it does.
  • Run with gas or flux-core wire.
  • Sturdy welder for industrial and automotive needs.

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